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Store Location (room-by-room) Information in Project
Bear with me for a moment and don't jump to conclusions too quickly here. (I've been using DTools SI for over 12 years - I'm quite familiar with it's deeper intricacies.) We're a commercial integrator, so that you have a frame of reference for this idea. Prior to sending a project thru the pre-sales design team, we request that sales reps complete a site information form (includes each room's dimensions (HWD), specific room-by-room notes, customer requirements, intended use(s), customer's desires, room/site challenges, etc.). Unfortunately this form, when/if completed, ends up living somewhere outside the DTools SI project. It would be great to have this as a project related db item that could be created for each location within a project, and attached to each Location within a project... Or as an ancillary form/table within a project (accessed via a button on the button bar?). This would be much like the Information currently in SI, but triggered by the creation of the specific locations (Conf 1, Boardroom, Lobby, etc.) within a project, and less free form than the Notes field on a project. Completion of the form (or records) could be driven thru required Workflow Rules. Thus requiring it to be completed before it goes to the engineering team. The internal form should also include file attachments such as AutoCAD files, PDFs, Sketches, photos, etc. I realize some of these features are already present in Mobile Quotes, however it's not necessarily applicable to a lot of commercial quotes or new construction where there is no reason to be "Mobile" or working outside of SI. This "form" could probably work hand-in-hand with Mobile Quotes - or flow to/from MQuotes, as an on site information gathering tool or discussion prompt for Sales reps. (as our current outside form does).
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