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D-Tools Mobile : User Interface Needs Massive Overhaul (Item Info, Checklists, etc.)
We would like labor hours on items in D-Tools Mobile to be shown automatically without having to tap the "Info" button for every individual item. My techs need to see how much time we allocate per item and provide us feedback if we're providing too much or too little time. Standard proposal and checklist reports only show labor pricing which doesn't help them at all. Although I have already made custom reports, I don't want printed documentation to list our bidded labor time or pricing for some random person to pickup and undercut us. If my techs need to see how much time is bidded per item, I'd rather it be through D-Tools Mobile, but having to tap the Info button next to each item is super slow and annoying. This also goes for the note field next to each item which I'd prefer be readily accessible, rather than hidden, such that my techs can easily let us know anything relevant to a given item. Checklists in D-Tools Mobile are a pain to use and need to be streamlined. Our lead techs need the power to quickly and easily create their own checklists for themselves and other techs to use while in the field. Printed proposals and checklist reports from D-Tools are terrible for this while on a hectic job site for what I hope are obvious reasons. Although the checklists in D-Tools Mobile do keep track of who checked off a listed item and when it was checked off, they are cumbersome and slow to use, as well as to create, and they cannot be customized or created by techs in the field. In short, checklists in D-Tools Mobile need to be more like making checklists in Basecamp, , Trello, etc. Our lead techs use Basecamp in the field, and it's much easier to use, but it's not integrated with D-Tools Mobile or Desktop. Also along the lines of checklists, I would like to be able to have standardized quality control checklists for each job based on categories (audio/video, automation, surveillance, security, pre-wire / retrofit, trim, install, programming, shades, etc.) where only the needed checklist categories show up depending on the nature of the job. Being able to automatically add standard checklists to each job will save time for staff and techs. Of course, per job, we'd still like the ability to create customized checklists from D-Tools Desktop for each job, but even this process is slower than it should be. The more taps and clicks we can save, the more time we save. Any process that is tedious will not be used, especially by our techs in the field. It's also important that we stop printing and losing documents on job sites as much as possible, particularly sensitive documents containing labor time and pricing. I hate using the D-Tools Mobile website because it's so slow; it needs to be made into an app, which I know has already been requested. It feels like a necessary evil to use D-Tools Mobile to make uploading site notes, site photos, installed items, and time on a task / service call directly to D-Tools Desktop. It might help if D-Tools Mobile had a customizable layout, either per company, or per user. D-Tools has the budget that it should easily be able to outshine ProjX360's mobile app in this regard which is far better than D-Tools Mobile despite also being a terrible app. D-Tools has no excuse for the terrible state of its mobile website. While I'm thinking about, if CRM features are eventually added to D-Tools natively, it would be much easier to store clients' emails, passwords, and device settings directly through D-Tools Mobile rather than Google Sheets or similar.
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